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My Visitor

I had turned my back on God
Forsaken all my friends.
Shaken my fist at Christ the Lord
I had no place for Him.

All of my life I lived in sin, trying hard one battle to win.
Finally being knocked down, no more will to live,
I had taken full count, been down past ten.

I had forsaken all the truth I had been taught.
Now reaping corruption and not what I thought.
Crying with despair, aching from sins infection,
Satan had dealt his blows, I lost the battle I had fought.

I was crying hard but no one detected.
Then the Spirit turned me in the other direction.
Jesus was passing by and I could see His reflection.

I cried, oh Lord, could You? Would You?
He stopped – He turned – He was crying too!
He said, “My son, what would you have Me to do?”
I said, “Dear Lord, can I follow You?”
And that very moment – He touched me!

I could not understand. Didn’t He know all the things I had done
Against Him?
The things I had done for me?
How could He be visiting me, there in my worst condition?
But He stopped – He talked – He touched me. He said…

“You have had faith in self but you’ve no power to win.
I stand at your heart and knock but you must let Me in.
There’s a handle that opens the door and it must be turned by you.
Come now, your sins I forgive.
And I walk with you.
Be assured you can make it. Here’s the truth to see you through.”

“This time – do it My way
This time – you must see
That you open the door
But the victory is in Me!”

“This time – do it My way
This time you must see
That you open the door
But the victory is in Me!”

“My child, I really love you
And want you to know
That you can have the victory
Because you have Me.
Yes, you can have the victory
When you have Me”