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Sin is worse than quicksand.
Sin pulls us down from within.
Quicksand or sin,
When we dig we go deeper
For we can never dig out, only in.

If some little sin
Is between you and God
You must confess it to Jesus
You can’t dig out of sin, only in.

We will only go down deeper
When we don’t confess our sins.
For when we do the digging,
We don’t dig out, only in.

Anyone could pull you from quicksand
Put your feet on solid land
But the hand of the friend
That must pull you from sin,
Is the hand of Jesus our Saviour!

Amen – Amen – Hallelujah – Amen
Don’t take your hand from our Saviour
He will put our feet on the solid rock
Hallelujah – What a Saviour!