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My Child

My child, I love you!

And I enjoy, Yes, delight in seeing you smile
You have sought Me and found rest in Me in the past.
But know this also, I am the God of the present
And of the future.

You marvel at what is going on.
You stand amazed at what you see yourself doing.
And all this is through your natural eyes.

I call you now to Me at this time.
Find your quiet place and get alone with Me
And I will let you see through my spiritual eyes.
Yes, To the high places I will take you.

I am all you need!
Follow Me & seeks My direction.
I will personally lead you.
You do not have to wonder about your future
Come away with me.
Nothing else is as important as this
For I will speak plainly to you.

I do not lie
And I will not stutter
I have great, yes, wonderful plans for you.
And you will be my hand extended.