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About Keepsake Names

My wife’s name is Diane and my name is Clyde. In 1982, as I began to pray one day and thank God for His faithfulness, I could hear, in my head, the little “ABC” song. The Alphabet Prayer, shown on the left, came out in poem form and in alphabetical order. I cried, I prayed, I wrote. I did not create The Alphabet Prayer, I just sat there and received it. About six months passed, and one day my wife, Diane, began reading the verses for Teacher, Pastor, Mother and people’s names and they all read in poem form. This was the beginning of the personalized Prayer Names. God continued to add more Prayer Verses and we now have over two hundred. When giving the Prayer Name as a gift, people can add their personal message to truly make this a Keepsake Name that will remain special for years to come.
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