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God Wants Stars

Philippians 2:14-15

God created the stars and gave each a position,
Their job is to stay there and glow.

Our great God knew just how to place them
And gave them power to shine bright.

People lost, at night can study and count them
So they will know which way to go.

God wants stars to be a light in the darkness
And I have learned from them.

One thing I learned was the darker the night
The brighter they seem to glow.

And stars, they keep their assigned positions
Instead of running to and fro.

God wants all Christians like stars to be
So the lost will see the light that will set them free.

And we know sin causes defective vision
So our light must always shine bright.

Then through the darkness Christ leads us
As He polishes up our light.

And He places us just where we’re needed
So lost souls will have light in the night.

Just think on it Christian, we’re a star for God
And souls in darkness will see our light.